Our Rural Development Projects

Donor Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD)
Name of Project Facilitating Partner for supporting 75 Community Development Councils


Amount of Funding USD 720,000
Dates of Funding 2013 September 2015 August
Purpose of grant To assist communities to actively get involved in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of their villages through national solidarity program


Activities Identify target community
Establish 75 Community Development councils (CDCs)
Assist CDCs to hold transparent elections
Assist CDCs to utilize the grants given to them by MRRD for the reconstruction and development of their villages


Donor HNTPO through funding from European Union
Amount of Funding EUR 24,040 ~ USD 31,644
Name of Project Reinforcing the ability of Pakistani women to undertake cultural appropriate action toward the improvement of their living condition, Pakistan


Dates of Funding Start August 2011 End September 2011
Purpose of grant The purpose of the grant to strengthen community based system with the active involvement of women
Activities Identification of 15 committed women who will work with other women in providing psychosocial support
Offer training to 15 selected women
Train 30 staff members of different stakeholders
Establish a psychosocial support taskforce having members from various active stakeholders and assist it hold 4 taskforce meetings


Donor Aga Khan Foundation
Name of Project Grass Roots Pakistan NGO Development (GRPND)
Amount of Funding USD 11,000
Dates of Funding Start May 2012 End January 2013
Purpose of grant The purpose of the fellowship is to have Pakistani civil societies promoted and nurtured so that they can take up active leadership in addressing and facilitating sustainable community development in a formal, transparent and professional manner


Activities Contribute in developing capacity developing plan and executing them
Take active part in all capacity development activities for key staff of the project
Take active part in the coordination activities